About Circle + Crown

What? The peer-coaching game Circle + Crown invites you to give your questions in life the time, space and awareness they deserve. It brings you in touch with the wonderful people around you and their potential for inspiration to make a progress! You get the chance to gain more clarity for yourself and help others in a playful way.

Why? Life is full of questions! From more philosophical ones to very practical daily issues − some get solved quickly, others stay with us for way too long. Often we try to solve these questions all alone. Yet the search for clarity can be much more effective and fun.

How? The game Circle + Crown creates a Circle, where you get the chance to take on the Crown to share a question you are currently stuck with and wish for new impulses. The game helps you to gain valuable new perspectives in a group. You and the other players meet with open eyes and ears, think for and inspire each other supported by funny and insightful game elements.


Join Circle + Crown on facebook and stay informed about one of our cozy and vibrant game sessions in Berlin, Hamburg, Stuttgart, Essen, New York and Bangalore! To spread the word and play more often get your own version of Circle + Crown for only 25 €.

The current version comes with
1 booklet
1 dice
37 role play cards
37 association cards
25 insight sheets

Need more food?
No more insight sheets left? Print them out by yourself here. Or order a package of 50 sheets for 5 € via play[at]circleandcrown.com.
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What's behind

Circle + Crown was born in 2014 out of the Design Thinking challenge “How to support people to follow and reach their wishes and dreams in life?” at HPI D-School Potsdam. Interviews showed that many people are not aware of their deep desires. Answering our questions some people were even moved to tears. Dreams often disappear in the course of daily life. This encouraged us to work on a solution which helps to gain clarity about important life topics and to reflect about wishes on a regular basis. The market for self-reflection tools, for coaching and consulting of any kind is huge nowadays – individual coaching is expensive. We saw a need for an affordable and unconventional alternative for reflection. Our game proved in test sessions to be useful for any age group. With Circle + Crown you face your personal questions and articulate your own answers while getting inspired and having fun.
Circle + Crown was developed by Lisa Günther, Anika Kaiser and Amrei Schulze, together with Gauraw Patil and Julian Rösner.

Amrei Schulze

Innovation Coach | Design Thinker |
Expert for Digitalization | Marketer | Social Scientist

Anika Kaiser

Innovation Consultant | Design Thinker | Communication Designer | Process Coach | Visual Facilitator | Inspirateur

Lisa Günther

Process Facilitator | Design Thinking Coach | User Researcher | Intercultural Communicator | Yoga Teacher + Thinker

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